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Kids Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line certainly caters to kids, and its new Disney Dream cruise ship features more high-tech, exclusive fun for kids than ever before seen on the seas.

Disney’s watchful staff will assure parents nothing but safe activities and memorable excitement for their children, who will be entertained regardless of their age. Teenagers can hang out and play video games with privacy, babies can sleep in peace, and all ages in between can find the ultimate in cool play areas.

Oceaneer’s Club and Oceaneer’s Lab for kids on the Disney Dream

Toy Story - Oceaneer Club

For children 3 to 10 years of age, the adjoining Oceaneer’s Club and Oceaneer’s Lab are packed with room after room of Disney- and Pixar-themed entertainment. Familiar characters and settings combine with high-tech toys to provide unending fun for kids on board. The areas are so well decorated that many adults will likely find themselves jealous of the kids playing inside.

Take a video tour of both areas and see for yourself:

The Oceaneer’s Club features separate themed rooms, each with its own interactive activities, joined by a center movie-watching area. The room themes include Andy’s Room from Toy Story, the Laugh Floor from Monsters, Inc., Tinker Bell’s Pixie Hollow, and a big yellow submarine inspired by Finding Nemo.

Toy Story - Oceaneer Club

Monsters Inc - Oceaneer Club

Pixie Hollow - Oceaneer Club

Finding Nemo - Oceaneer Club

These areas are intricately decorated and completely immersive, placing all visitors inside each of the worlds they’re inspired by. Any Disney fan will have a blast spending some time inside.

Throughout the Club, Disney Cast Members are on staff to assist and entertain children as needed. The whole area is sectioned off from the rest of the ship by computer-controlled and staffed gates so parents can feel safe dropping their kids off there for the day. There are even automatic hand-washers at the front to keep kids germ-free.

Hand sanitizers - Oceaneer Lab

Attached to the Oceaneer’s Club, which is mostly a run-and-play area, is the Oceaneer’s Lab, a more hands-on environment that allows kids to get in contact with interactive equipment. Being in the Caribbean, pirates are a big theme for this area, but visitors will find plenty of little Disney details throughout.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Oceaneer Lab

Oceaneer Lab

Oceaneer Lab

The Club and Lab are linked by a huge classroom-type setting, where kids can have supervised craft time and other fun.

Oceaneer Lab

There’s no additional cost to drop children off at the Oceaneer’s Club or Lab for the day, and it’s likely they won’t mind spending a few hours – or days – inside.

The vibe and Edge clubs for teens and pre-teens on the Disney Dream

Vibe teen club

For teenagers and pre-teens who are looking to get away from the smaller kids (and away from their parents), Disney offers the Vibe and Edge clubs, each with similar features but offering exclusive access only to the appropriate age ranges.

Take a quick video tour of both clubs:

For teens ages 14 to 17, Vibe provides a cool place to hang out, socialize with others, grab some soda, play a few video games, and even enjoy a private pool area. It all begins with somewhat of a secret entrance, requiring visitors to use their “Key to the World” cards to prove age-appropriate access. From there, visitors travel down an animated rainbow hallway separating the club from the world outside.

Vibe teen club

Vibe teen club entrance

Once inside, teens are free to lounge around and chat or hop up and dance with an Xbox Kinect. There are private pods for individual gaming too.

Vibe teen club

Vibe teen club

In a separate music studio-style room, games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero reign supreme, allowing teens to rock out on the high seas.

Vibe teen club

Other activities include volleyball, soccer, yoga, watching movies, and drinking smoothies. Lounging by the private teen-only pool is entirely encouraged too.

Vibe teen club on the Disney Dream

It’s yet another area of the ship that adults wish they could enjoy, but only teens are allowed inside.

Similarly, children 11 to 13 years of age can enjoy the Edge club, located high up inside one of the ship’s overlook areas.

Edge pre-teen club

This club features games, green-screen karaoke, and even an onboard social media station allowing newfound friends to share pictures and messages privately. And the giant windows still offer privacy, as tweens can see out, but outsiders can’t see in.

“it’s a small world” nursery for babies and toddlers on the Disney Dream

It's a Small World day care

Parents traveling with babies and toddlers 3 months to 3 years of age will find cruising aboard the Disney Dream to be less of a hassle with the inclusion of the “it’s a small world” nursery. This safe and quiet area allows parents to drop their young ones off in a highly supervised play/sleep area without any worries.

It’s not a huge area, but neither are the kids inside. Take a quick video tour:

The nursery’s theme is “it’s a small world,” based on the classic Disney attraction of the same name. Colorful structures, pinwheels, and characters are painted on the walls of the play areas, with plenty of blocks, shapes, and other toys to consume childrens’ attention.

It's a Small World day care

It's a Small World day care

Separated from the play area is a darkened back room with rows of cribs, where sleeping babies will remain under the careful attention of the ship’s staff. Just stepping into the room makes you want to take a nap.

It's a Small World day care

Parents can utilize the “it’s a small world” nursery at an additional charge ($6 per hour), and it must be reserved in advance. But it’s open late, so adults wanting to get an early start and party late can drop off their kids in the morning and not see them again until as late as 1 a.m., provided that the price is right.

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Children of all ages will have a blast exploring their age-appropriate areas aboard the Disney Dream. Whether playtime includes colorful blocks, familiar characters, movies, video games, or just hanging out, no kid on board the ship will go bored. And adults will enjoy peace of mind knowing their kids are playing in safe environments under the watchful, but never intrusive, eyes of friendly Disney staff.

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