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  1. I can’t wait to fly Virgin for my next trip to Orlando, especially after a last-minute 5-hour flight delay on Delta a few weeks ago. My only consolation was knowing it would be my last flight ever on Delta, thanks to Virgin America!

  2. yaakov

    terrible customer service before and after the flight there 877 number has unacceptable and unreliable wait times there clerks are unknowledgeable and in training and they have racially biased staff. Not to mention they don’t have the best prices on the market either. Here is my story. I had a family emergency so i booked a last minute flight with and the airline that they brokered a deal with I was virgin america this price was very good but the times were not so 24 hours before my flight i call virgin America and ask what is there stand by policy the representative told me 24 hours in advance so I rushed to the airport and when i tried to go on stand by they told me day of. When i called the 777 number the manager said it was the representatives first day on the job so we can’t honor it. I had to come back 5am the next morning to be out on priority standby which they tried charging me for. On the way back I wanted to take a later flight so again I called the 877 number and was told anytime day of. Then hours later when i wanted to conform there were seats available they told me i must be there within 2 hours of the flight (which I missed already) so I got to the airport spoke with the manager and after getting major racial discrimination from mohammed one of the clerks is there I had to pay $125 to go on standby yet again. after the whole ordeal I tried getting hold of there PR dept (or any dept to be honest) and truth be told a.week later I’m still waiting for a call back. I gave them a chance and they failed miserably.

    1. James Brown

      So great initial review and only one perosn had one bad reply. Sounds like a 50/50 chane we’ll have a decent flight to take….hopefully…:)

  3. henriette haenen

    How is it in the plain when u fly from London to LA!I am flying tomorrow for the first time with Virgin

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