Comments for Hilarious Video: ‘Let the Memories Begin’ (or not) As Children React To Disney World Trip Surprise


  1. Daniel Thomas

    Very hard not to comment on that kids ‘haircut’ but all i want to say is those kids must not be real, they must have been paid not to show any emotion

    p.s. i wouldnt have paid money for a ‘haircut’ like that, that is all !

  2. Aaron


  3. Jones

    I never tire of telling my friends who cannot understand my affection for things Disney that WDW is *not* for kids – that video will help me a lot… (I´ve seen countless kids ar Epcot, shouting things like “I hate this place! It´s like school!” into their helpless moms` faces…)

  4. Fallon

    ….wow….that’s just…wow..

    I feel sorry for the adults that are with them 🙁 Hope they are just tired and enjoyed their trip! 🙁

  5. Traci

    The two younger kids probably don’t even know what Disney is. The older boy could care less. He’s at that too cool for Disney age. Why would this mom think that her older son would want to wear matching shirts with his younger siblings? I love the voice of the other women chiming in “I told you” when the kids have no reaction. She knew the kids wouldn’t take this well.

  6. Gordon

    Makes me want to go to Dick’s house to see what all the fuss is about.

  7. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Pards,

    For those of us who grew up back in the days when Walt Disney was still around…well, let me tell ya, something like this would never have happened back in the Good Ol’ Days… Nosirreebob! One can only imagine that these kids were dreamin’ and wishin’ for somethin’ else entirely…they had their hopes up…and were disappointed that that dream wasn’t gonna come true no matter how good the substitute might or might not be. But, to be honest, I have seen parents who make a trip to Disney World a terrible thing for their kids…yellin’, screamin’, gettin’ hot and bothered at the tiniest little thing…to the point where it simply is not fun at all. Who wants to stand in lines, walk around in a crowd, and get yelled at all day? There is probably a whole lot of fun stuff, and a whole lot less yellin’ and arguin’, over at Dick’s house. Parents can either make or break a trip…this may well have more to do with pareental attitudes than the attitude of those kids. Kinda sad…whatever it is. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail…and by the way tomorrow my wife and I leave for Walt Disney World and we are VERY excited and VERY happy about the idea. Wild Ol’ Dan

  8. Traci

    I found out some back story on this video. The kids were supposed to goto Disney World in a few weeks with their Dad, step-mother and step siblings. Their mom thought she would beat her ex-husband to the punch by taking them their first. The kids had known for months their dad was going to take them. Now I no longer feel bad for the mom. It also explains the woman who says “I told you.” when the kids react badly.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Yikes. If that’s true, it sounds like we, as viewers, were thrust into the middle of an unhealthy family dynamic. But if the worst that comes of it is that the kids get 2 trips to Walt Disney World instead of 1, then it’s not all that bad! I’m sure they were smiling more once they got there.

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