Comments for Video and Highlights: Full hour of Fear inside scare zone at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2010


  1. Spencer

    Halloween is over =(

    1. Wow* – gorgeous Teri! What a beautiful baby – and you captured her perfectly! The new blog is incredible and really showcases your work .

    2. Amazing color combinations, as usual you keep me ‘hanging on your lips’ with your tutorials, I am so happy with the inspiration you give me , over and over again. Will have to try this one this coming weekend! My fav. sunset colours are pink/reddish and soft blue. Gerda

    3. I'm with Kevin.Until we come up with some kind of 'Minority Report' technology, we have to wait until these monsters actually ACT.THEN, prove they did in a court of law.Otherwise, we could all be subjected to a rush to judgement.gfa

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