Comments for Highlights from Hershey, Pennsylvania: Sights and smells of a town founded on candy


  1. James

    Wow the dark ride at Chocolate World looks legit!

    Awesome trip report, you’ve sure made me want to go! 😉

  2. As someone who’s been visiting Hershey for the past 25+ years and knows the town like the back of my hand, I have to say you did a wonderful job reviewing and photographing it! I guess I take this wonderful place for granted, and don’t take the time to properly document it in photographs. Great job! (and now the Chocolate Tour Ride song will be stuck in my head alllll night…)

  3. jackie

    Though it is like 6 months after you posted this,i want to thank you, belated, for the great trip report. my middle school actually performs in a music festival here each may, and the one day we get to go to the park is never enough. thanks for helping me get excited for this year’s trip. its in two weeks!

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