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  1. Nicholas Gist Disneyland and Disney On Ice

    Dear Disney Princess Rapunzel Good Night Day Hi Princess Cinderella How are you Hello is Nicholas Gist Want’ s up? My name is Nicholas Gist I am 19 years old I am Tall . Have New your my friends they Girls Princess
    from Princess Belle ‘ Show Whit the Aurora to Nicholas Gist her friends
    Girls ?
    I Need to Talk to you are you Soon She Girl Princess Her friends Girl
    to Nicholas Gist at Your House or Hall or Outside or Park or walk Yes or no Please I Need to one Girl Please To Princess Girl Her friends to Nicholas Gist
    Thank You
    from Nicholas Gist
    to Your my friends Disney Princess Rapunzel ‘ Princess Cinderella and Belle ‘ Show White ‘ Aurora Girls ?
    My Family and Friends All the Many Disney Characters Disney World Nicholas Gist . Like to They Chip and Dale Minnie Mouse Jessie Suzy?
    To Nicholas Gist

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