New droid revealed for Star Tours 2

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Star Wars Pin Set

Disney recently held its annual trading pin event at Epcot, this year called “Trade City,” during which designs for upcoming pin sets were shown off, including one called “Disney Robots” that featured one droid that has attracted additional attention.

“Aly San San” was listed on the pin set’s design as being part of the Star Tours attraction in 2011. Fans of the ride know that it is “powering down” on September 8 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to become “reimagined” as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a new 3-D experience based around the Star Wars universe.

new Star Wars Droid Aly San San
Photo by Cody Smith


A few weeks ago, at Star Wars Celebration V, Disney released a “preview vehicle” Starspeeder 1000 toy which features a female voice recording of what they have described as a new “spokes-droid” for Star Tours, when it reopens next year. With the reveal of the Aly San San pin design, many are speculating that she/it is just that droid.

According to, the design for Aly San San closely resembles WA-7, the waitress droid from Dexter’s Diner in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. They also digitally altered a photo of a WA-7 action figure from 2002 to match the color scheme present in the Aly San San pin photo above:

After hearing the recorded voice on the Starspeeder 1000 toy, some are speculating that it is that of none other than Princess Leia herself, actor Carrie Fisher, but Disney would not confirm (nor deny) it. Whether Aly San San will appear only on screens or actually in-person as an Audio-Animatronic will be known next year when Star Wars: The Adventures Continue opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando and Disneyland in California.

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