Comments for Disney says “Let the Memories Begin” with 2011 theme parks campaign projecting guest photos on Cinderella Castle, It’s a Small World


  1. Alex

    I personally love the projection. Especially the one that has the white outline like a blueprint of the castle and the tinkerbell. The only thing I don’t like is those darn pictures (which is the primary purpose of the projection) and the white screen over the walkway through the castle. Is this going to be an entire new firework show replacing wishes?

    1. Spencer

      totally agree everything looks amazing except those pictures they make the castle look kinda trashy

  2. kyle

    the projection is pretty cool, but if that is all this promotion is then i am a bit disappointed. shouldn’t all these ticket increases be leading to something a little more… ride-y?

  3. I’m hoping that the photopass people will ASK permission to put our photos up on the castle/small world. I too have a big head and a wife who wouldn’t appreciate being put up in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

  4. Scott B

    Quick question, will this include candid photos as well? Because I have to say, the thought of looking up at the Cinderella’s Castle and seeing a projection of me scarfing down a turkey leg doesn’t sound that incredible.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      No, all photos will come from PhotoPass and I imagine they’ll ask guests’ permission before using them.

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