Comments for Basics of worry-free pet boarding at Disney’s newly-opened Best Friends Pet Care luxury pet resort


  1. Kyra

    It’s nice to hear that this isn’t just for dogs. I can’t think of a reason of taking my two cats all the way from Colorado to Florida just for this, but still great to hear that other animals are also accepted.

  2. Captian_Nemo

    does a dog really need a tv?

  3. Barbara

    Several reviewers at Yelp described significant problems at Best Friends, so I am reticent about leaving my service dog there in order to try the rides at WDW on which he is disallowed. Caveat emptor.

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  5. Wow!!!! Such an amazing boarding facility. I think after seeing this great place, everyone wishes to put their pet in this boarding.

  6. Best Friend Pet Care is doing a great work. The view of the pet motel is so impressive that no one can wait for putting their pet in that type of boarding.

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