Universal Orlando’s new “Horror Nights: The Hollowed Past” haunted house will pay tribute to past years at Halloween Horror Nights 20

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Just one day before Universal Orlando reveals all the details surrounding Halloween Horror Nights XX, we’ve unearthed the name of the big new haunted house that will pay tribute to the event’s past.

It’s called “Horror Nights: The Hollowed Past” and will be located inside a large building that normally houses parade floats backstage at Universal Orlando.

Posters of previous years of Halloween Horror Nights line the house’s walls, giving visitors an indication of what to expect as they wander the maze:

Expected to make appearances are “icons” of the past including the Caretaker, Jack the clown, the Director, the Usher, and many more. Familiar “scareactors” will likely line the house’s unique halls that are sure to bring back delightfully horrifying memories for anyone who has visited Halloween Horror Nights before.

Only a few additional images from Halloween Horror Nights 20 have been released by Universal Orlando so far, the likes of which might be seen within the “Horror Nights: The Hollowed Past” house:

Tomorrow (or possibly as early as midnight tonight), Universal Orlando will reveal all of the details about Halloween Horror Nights XX, so check back here for all the details.

Comment below if you have any questions for the Halloween Horror Nights design team!

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