Star Wars Celebration V in summary: Costumes, celebrities, collectibles, convention floor – and yes, a few Slave Leias

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Many Star Wars fans are going through Celebration V withdrawal now that the massive official convention has been concluded for nearly two weeks.

But there’s no need to go cold turkey here. If you’ve already browsed our SWCV articles and photo galleries and are still craving more Celebration V excitement, I have your fix.

Here’s a roughly 6-minute video summary of the event, mostly featuring highlights seen around the convention floor, including plenty of elaborate and/or crazy costumes, a few celebrities, glimpses at some of the best booths and exhibits, and much more:

With Star Wars Celebration V gone and Disney’s Star Tours attraction closing at their Hollywood Studios theme park on Sept. 8, Orlando will now be nearly absent of all things Star Wars. But we hope our coverage can hold you over until the new Star Tours experience opens next year, likely in time for what may become Disney’s most popular Star Wars Weekends to date.

Photos from Star Wars Celebration V day 1:

Photos from Star Wars Celebration V day 2:

Photos from Star Wars Celebration V day 3:

Photos from Star Wars Celebration V day 4:

Other miscellaneous photos from Star Wars Celebration V:

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