Star Wars Celebration V day 2 draws costumed attendees of all shapes and sizes – and yes, more Slave Leias

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The second day of Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando has come and gone and it was once again filled with more sights than one person could possibly take in – but I tried. The only presentation I made it to today was the Disney Collector Panel, which I followed with 4-5 hours of wandering the convention floor, a highly-entertaining activity.

Here are some of the most interesting and unusual sights I captured throughout the day:

Slave Leia teaches belly dancing
Sure, we'll start with a Slave Leia - but a special one. This one was teaching Celebration V attendees how to belly dance. Watching her show was a great way for me to kill time before the Disney presentation began.

Slave Leia spins on stage with color
It also allowed me to capture this exceptionally colorful image of Slave Leia twirling.

Wampa hugs a guy
Outside the convention hall, we begin our photo tour through the various sizes and shapes of Celebration V attendees. Here a huge Wampa was embracing (NOT mauling) guests under the close supervision of Snow Troopers.

Obi-Wan and Yoda
Nearby, Obi-Wan was happy to carry around pint-sized Yoda for the day.

Hilarious Jabba the Hut
This joke-cracking Jabba the Hut seemed to have lost a few pounds, but made up for it with plenty of humor.

Free Hugs!
Not Star Wars, but a staple at any convention - a Free Hugs girl! (And a skinny one at that.)

Little Chewbacca
On the convention floor, if it wasn't for the giant crowd surrounding this tiny Chewbacca, I may have overlooked him completely. I think he was someone's kid, but I could be wrong...

Tall Chewbacca
This Chewbacca definitely wasn't short, towering over everyone at the convention standing at least 8 feet tall.

A very amused man with Slave Leias
Back to the Slave Leias - It's obvious from this photo that you don't have to be a thin Leia to please Jabba (or this smiling guy, apparently).

Two Slave Leias take to a feminine Darth Vader
Even Darth Vaders arrived in all shapes and sizes today, with this one looking a little larger on top than most. The Slave Leias dug it.

Slave Leia faces off against Darth Vader
But non-busty Darth Vader wasn't too happy with this Slave Leia escaping Jabba's lair. She'd better watch out...

Ccccooldddd Slave Leia
...or she might end up banished to the ice planet Hoth where she'll freeze like this Slave Leia in the convention's Echo Base ice bar.

Rebel Pilots unite for Celebration V
This photo proves that Rebel Alliance pilots definitely come in all shapes and sizes. (But I think we knew that already, right Porkins?)

R2-MK Disney droid
It's clear that Star Wars Celebration V embraces everyone, no matter what you look like. And that extends to the world of astromech droids too, as Disney's R2-MK drew a crowd of photo-seekers.

Star Trek guy battles an AT-AT
But there is such a thing as going too far. This Star Trek fan thought he could outshoot an AT-AT with his puny phaser gun. Think again buddy.

Elvis Trooper
Moving into the realm of bizarre, but still acceptable, is everyone's favorite Elvis Trooper.
Pimpin' Boba Fett and Darth Vader
And no convention would be complete without "pimpin" characters. This time it's Boba Fett and Darth Vader. And no surprise, this photo was taken near the Slave Leias. But I don't think Jabba will hand over his women easily.

Fallen foes on a stick
I'm not entirely sure what this guy is, but I didn't want to mess with him. I'm not sure he agreed with today's theme of accepting everyone no matter their differences. It was my cue to leave.
Darth Vader returns from the parking lot
On the way back out to my car to leave, I spotted Lord Vader returning. He must have left something in his TIE Fighter parked out back.

More photos (including more Slave Leias) from day 2 of Star Wars Celebration V:

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