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  1. Renee

    DO NOT PAY FOR THIS (Sea Lions Up-Close) TOUR. I would give it no stars, but that was not an option. Save your money because you will not be up-close with a sea lion like the title and the picture suggest. First, you go to Pacific Point Preserve and they tell you the difference between a sea lion and a seal; which can be read on the signs around the exhibit. Next, you go to where the “Clyde & Seamore” show takes place. You are asked to sit in the first two rows and then are quickly taken up to the tank, a group at the time to have your picture quickly taken. You are not allow to look at the sea lion (you keep your back towards him) and have to take a large step forward before you can walk back to your seats. Then you head back to Pacific Point Preserve where you are given a bucket of fish to feed them with everyone else. Just save your money and get to the show early to sit in the first two rows and spend $20 and get five trays of fish to feed the seals/sea lions at Pacific Point Preserve.

    1. Jennifer

      I’m glad I read this review, we were looking at giving my daughter this experience for her birthday, but now I won’t waste the money!


      1. Thanks

        Thank you for your honesty!! I actually was going to reserve today but thanks to your review I will save the money and put it elsewhere.

  2. Linda

    Has anyone done the penguins up close tour?

  3. Stacey

    Linda, I know it’s nearly a year after the fact, but I did the Penguins Up Close Tour this summer and it was awesome!

    The guide was incredibly informative and very nice. We got about an extra 20 minutes or so of interacting with the penguins.

    The meeting spot was somewhat hard to find because there was no signage. There may be now.

    We went past the seal lions and she pointed out one of the new pups–so cute! We went behind the scenes where she separated us into our groups as she said she’d call us by our number and then we followed her up the ramp and inside. We got to see some penguins that were in the process of being relocated. She showed us the food prep area and talked about how they cared for the penguins. Most of our time was spent with the penguins!

    The area that you’re allowed in is relatively small. No strollers were allowed. Wheelchairs would be difficult.

    She called us up by our group to get a picture with the trainer and the chosen penguin. They let you interact for a bit and then called the next group. While others are getting their interaction, you can pet the penguins that come up to you at the gate–those that don’t want to interact stay away.

    It is cold there, so I suggest bringing a light jacket, no matter how hot it is outside. I was happy that I brought mine!

    Be sure to bring your camera!

  4. Ginny

    I am in a wheelchair and my mom recently purchased the dolphin up close tour for me especially to do at Sea World Orlando. I was so excited to get to participate in this type of experience. We went to the park early as to not miss our appointed time and instructions. When we got to where we were supposed to meet, the lady at the counter informed us that there was a problem with one of the tanks and that our experience had been canceled with no warning whatsoever. We drove all the way from Georgia just for this experience with the dolphins and to see the other exhibits afterwards. I hardly ever get to participate in anything like this so this was special and I was terribly disappointed and not a happy girl. They did tell my mom that her money would be refunded to her credit card but that did not help my disappointment because I had been looking forward to this for a month. I understand that things do happen but I thought at least we should have been offered another experience.

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