Park Secrets: Enjoy Free Drink Refills At Disneyland’s Rancho Del Zocalo

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Ranchi Del Zocalo

Credit: Disney

Recently, I was at Disneyland and craving a soda.  I passed by the Rancho del Zocalo Mexican restaurant in Frontierland, and my brother suggested we grab a drink there.  We love eating there because the food is good – but the free refills are even better.

We bought popcorn from a nearby cart and then went into Rancho del Zocalo and bought a Coke.  Sitting in the restaurant, we got three Coke refills and just relaxed and people-watched.  I know it isn’t terribly healthy, but it was a nice way to relax for an hour.

Free refills aren’t entirely unheard of in the park.  If you buy a coffee on Main Street, you can get free refills throughout the entire day – as many as you want!

If you do go to the Rancho del Zocalo for a drink, remember to keep your receipt.  And don’t take advantage of this privilege.  Be honest.  If you leave the restaurant, don’t return to get a refill—no need to upset the Mouse.

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You can find out more about Rancho del Zocalo on Disneyland’s official site (which is where the above photo came from).

Have a favorite spot to enjoy free refills on drinks? Post in the comments below!

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