Park Secrets: Finding Privacy at Disneyland

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Do you hate to use public restrooms?  Even Disney restrooms? Yeah, me too.

But, I’ve discovered one of Disneyland’s best kept secrets – what I like to call… a One-er. It’s a one-toilet bathroom. You can find this private oasis in the Carnation Plaza Gardens:

The bathroom is usually extremely clean and almost never occupied.  You can go in and do your business without interruptions or any of the other annoyances of using the other public restrooms.  Notice there’s even a baby changing table.

Look for this jewel the next time you’re out at Disneyland in search of a little privacy. Even old Cousin Orville can’t complain here… “No privacy at all around this place…”

Jeremiah Daws and his brother Josh are theme park fans and filmmakers living the dream in California.
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  1. TikiTommy

    Geeeze , tell a friend tell the world. All of that was true until a year ago when it started that atleast once a month someone is posting this location to the world. Please do not reaveal the secret toity location in Tommorowland, its my new favorite. Shhhhhhh!

  2. Alan

    “Do you hate to use public restrooms? Even Disney restrooms? Yeah, me too.”

    Yep, count me in 🙂 American public restrooms are the worst because the cubicles are so exposed. The side panels are really high off the ground and the door has huge gaps around it. I thought cubicles were supposed to be private?

    1. So true. The best “cubicles” or stalls are in the Grand Californian. They are floor to ceiling with flush doors. So nice.

  3. To Bi&#;l8217ls family – I am so very sorry to hear of Bill’s passing.I am the youngest daughter of the family Marie Follick referred to. Bill (Billy to us)ran around with my late brother Darrell while still single- and boy the stories they had! I remember Billy as witty and mischievous – always fun to be around, it sounds like he never changed. Your family has my deepest sympathy.

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