Busch Gardens Tampa Bay teases new attraction with personalized greeting for Inside the Magic

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has a big, new attraction on the way, but they’re not saying what it is quite yet. (Rumor: New roller coaster!) However, they’re perfectly happy to tease whatever it is out little by little with a few inventive ideas. Following last month’s addition of “Quick Response” codes to their construction wall signs, the park has now sent me a personalized greeting from Busch Gardens Tampa park president Jim Dean to pass on to all of you Inside the Magic followers:

Sure, not too much beyond those piles of dirt were seen, but I will admit I appreciate the time it must have took for Dean to record not only a personalized greeting for us but presumably a number of other web sites and media organizations. It’s a great marketing idea and combined with past and upcoming meet-ups at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld (some arranged by Twitter and Facebook), they’re truly making an effort to reach out to fans to get us excited about what’s to come.

But what exactly is coming? The rumored roller coaster is reportedly going to be called Cheetaka and will have plenty of speed (emphasized by Dale’s quick exit from the video embedded above.) But we’ll let the rumor-reporting stop there and allow Busch Gardens to continue to tease us with the details as the 2011 opening date draws nearer.

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