Busch Gardens Tampa Bay invites guests to “Feel the spirit, Feel the speed,” slowly teasing details for new 2011 attraction

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A major new attraction is in the works for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay but rather than revealing all of the details today, Busch Gardens’ plan is to slowly tease them out over the next few months, allowing fans to get hints along the way.

Construction walls in the southeastern corner of the park feature signs with the phrase “Feel the spirit. Feel the speed.” But no further indications are given as to what type of an attraction Busch Gardens is developing.

The one detail Busch Gardens has revealed is that whatever this new attraction is, it is scheduled to open less than a year from now, in Spring 2011.

Beginning today, Saturday, June 26, those construction wall signs will feature “Quick Response” codes allowing visitors to snap a photo using a smart phone photo, which will load teaser video clips on the phone related to the new attraction. (I used a free app called “QR Reader” on the iPhone to scan this Busch Gardens-provided code and a video popped right up on my phone. Go ahead, try it.)

Those who won’t be visiting the park soon or who don’t have a smart phone can view the teaser videos at a new web site, BuschGardens2011.com. Right now the videos use the words power, speed, spirit, chase, accelerate, and agility to describe the new attraction.

Many believe the new attraction will be a roller coaster, but all won’t be revealed for a few months. Busch Gardens spokesperson Jill Revelle tells me, “Be on the lookout for several more teasers rolling out throughout the summer and an announcement sometime before the end of the year!”

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