Comments for Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise now available from Universal Orlando’s online store


  1. YAY! Probs ownt get to Florida for a few years yet!

  2. Melissa F.

    I’ve been to the “Wizarding World” I loved it but too crowded I am glad to have found this site.

  3. chinese fireball

    going there in april can’t wait

  4. Melissa F.

    I watch these videos and it just makes me want to go back, maybe in a couple years I’ll be able to and hopefully by then it won’t be as crowded as the last time I went!!!

  5. faz

    well im 14 and my family cant afford to go atm, we are in Australia…. but yeah, i really want to go? so anybody know if the tickets are cheaper? or when it is less crowded and any cheap flights to and from Florida with cheap accommodation for a week or two?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      There are definitely some parts of the year that are less crowded than others. One of the best times is early December!

  6. Karolina

    the coolest place on earth *w*

  7. Bliss

    I went last summer but I didn’t want to wait in line for Candy from Honey dukes for 1 hour and 45 minutes so I didn’t get my candy 🙁 Which sucks because I love sweets. Especially from Honeydukes, it’s more b/c of the location and theme that you are buying the candy than b.c you actually have a sweet tooth! Anyway PLEASE BRING A HONEDUKES ONLINE! I’m dying for the candy I missed out on. 🙂 It was like that with every other store too. Funny though. Everyone there was walking around with a wand or something of that matter! Also they serve barbque at “broomsticks” restaurant. Which is supposed to be remade into the original cafeteria Harry and them eat at.

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