Elizabeth Banks To Star As Tinker “Tink” Bell In Live-action Film

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Disney is preparing for a new live-action romantic comedy centered around Peter Pan‘s famous fairy Tinker Bell with Elizabeth Banks playing the title role.

Producing the film will be Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot (Shankman’s sister), and McG. Writing the script are Elizabeth Wright, Shapiro, and McG.

No specific details about the film’s story have been released beyond the fact that it will center around Tinker Bell being mischievous, as she always is. How ‘Tink’ will turn into a romantic comedy remains to be seen.

The last time the world saw the character in a live-action on the big screen was in 2003’s Peter Pan from Universal Pictures. Before that, it was Julia Roberts in 1991’s Hook. While these two films stayed a bit more faithful to the traditional “Peter Pan” story, it appears that Tink will be straying far from that. And with McG’s involvement in producing and writing, many are concerned given his history of less-than-spectacular films.

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Let’s hope that Tink doesn’t, well, stink.

Editorial aside: Most articles about this film seem to be referring to the character as Tinkerbell. Disney seems to favor Tinker Bell. So which is it?

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Sources: Variety, /Film

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