Comments for Peter Jackson’s King Kong 360 3D attraction opens at Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. I have been fielding clients and employees all day to get feedback on the new ride. Everyone over here at the Hilton Los Angeles / Universal City is really excited to have this attraction open up and so are the guests. Our sales team went last night to experience it and had nothing but great things to say! The word “AWESOME” was thrown around a lot… We even have KK footprint in our lobby!

    We are sending all our guests over and suggesting you purchase tickets ahead of time with your stay so that you can get the most out of your visit to North Hollywood.

    I personally, cant wait to see it…

  2. Great1

    This ride sucked. I didn’t like it at all. LAME. 3-d effects really stunk. Sure its loud, but you’re never really “immersed”. Like sitting in the front row in a movie theater. And for some reason you get sprayed with water about every 10 seconds. Not sure what kind of effect they are going for with the water spraying. More annoying than anything else. The old school King kong is actually much better.

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