ParkSpotting at Disneyland Resort – May 31, 2010: Memorial Day with Newlyweds

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It’s been a while since our last ParkSpotting adventure, largely due to all of the theme park excitement from the past few weeks that has included the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, World of Color, and many more special events. But now we pick up where we left off at the end of May…

I visited the Disneyland Resort on Memorial Day 2010. My younger brother and his new wife were honeymooning in Southern California and they wanted to meet up with myself, my older brother and his family, and my sister at the parks.

It just happened to be Memorial Day and my family and I were braced for the worst crowds we’d ever seen at Disneyland. Surprisingly, it wasn’t any worse than a typical Saturday. It might even have been less crowded. Maybe everyone else thought the same way I did and just stayed home.

Our first stop was Guest Relations to pick up two “Just Married” pins. Cast Members congratulated the two newly weds everywhere we went.

We stopped inside Engine-Ears Toys near the entrance of Disney's California Adventure.

Check out the new Marvel and Star Wars merch. I’m still getting used to Marvel and Disney being together. A few more photos...

Tip: If you have a Disney Visa Card, every day before 11 a.m. at California Adventure, you can get your picture taken with a Disney character and get a voucher for a free 5x7. The location is next to Monsters Inc. in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. We were able to get a family photo for free.
I always ride Monsters Inc when I visit DCA. Sadly, Roz was not her usual talkative self.
While walking by the Sunshine Plaza, we noticed a Cast Member keeping an eye on a Baby Possum. Maybe they were waiting for animal control.
How could a baby possum have gotten into the park? I suppose the same way the stray cats do.
At Paradise Pier, we saw the Toy Story 3 photo op, placing guests inside a giant toy box.
I got a picture of the newlyweds posing as toys.
Then they made this pose. A nearby park guest turned to his wife and said, 'Now that’s an action figure!'
These two kids with popped collars in the Pacific Wharf area were American Eagle models in the making.
We found another great photo op for newlyweds while leaving the Animation pavilion.
It's nice to have the construction walls down in the Hollywood Pictures area revealing the freshly-laid Red Car tracks.
Over at Disneyland, it was snack time. Ahh, the corn dog from the Stage Door Café in Frontierland. Tip: If you order it without chips or apples, then it costs less at a little more than $4. That’s about the price of a snack.
We took a trip around the Rivers of America on the Sailing Ship Columbia. Here are a few more photos from the journey...

Splash Mountain has a single rider line? When did this happen?
It’s a good thing: The standby wait time was 75 minutes in the middle of the afternoon.

After spending such a pleasant Memorial Day at the Disneyland Resort, we all decided to make it a yearly outing. And we’ll be going back many more times between now and then to bring you more ParkSpotting fun!

Jeremiah Daws and his brother Josh are theme park fans and filmmakers living the dream in California.
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