Comments for Night of a Thousand Wizards draws biggest Harry Potter fans to Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World at Infinitus 2010


  1. Great article, Ricky! My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Wizarding World during a soft opening. I completely agree about that first time feeling, especially since we hadn’t even planned on entering that day. Since the Official Opening, though, it’s really been trying being there with the “Summer Crowd”. I could imagine being with true fans would really make the experience enjoyable once again.

    Hopefully when the crowds die down…it’ll be as enjoyable for me as that first time.

  2. Stacey

    Infinitus was the 3rd HPEF event my wife and I attended and we LOVED LOVED LOVED being able to explore the WWOHP during the Night of a Thousand Wizards!!!! AMAZING experience – so thank you to everyone and anyone who had anything to do with it! Please pat yourselves on the back from us!

  3. natalie

    where can i sign up to attend one of these?
    i love harry potter, and live in canada and never heard of this.

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