Interview: “Weird Al” Yankovic talks Disney, Jungle Cruise, and ‘Skipper Dan’

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Three hours before his July 21, 2010 concert at Hard Rock Live in Universal Orlando’s CityWalk, GRAMMY-Award winning artist “Weird Al” Yankovic sat down with me backstage for a one-on-one interview to discuss his recent Disney-themed song “Skipper Dan.”

Having been a fan of Al’s for more than 20 years, I tried to put my fanboy hat aside in order to have a serious conversation. Wait, nevermind, this is “Weird Al” we’re talking about – the reigning king of comedy music. While there may not have been a need for seriousness, I did honestly want to learn a few details about why he chose to write a song about a Disney attraction, so I asked him that along with plenty of other theme park-related questions:

Don’t miss the rest of my interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic on Show #277 of the Inside the Magic podcast, available for download beginning on Sunday, July 25, 2010. We discuss a little more about theme parks and dive into a few other topics including online music downloads, Twitter, Transformers, and more.

For more “Weird Al” fun, I’m including another clip below from his Orlando concert that night (which was fantastic, as always). It’s “The Saga Begins” during which Al and his band are joined by members of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers:

And despite not having time to slip away to ride the Jungle Cruise, Al did manage to work in a ride on the nearby “Slingshot” attraction earlier in the day:

With the new album still in the works, I recommend picking up a digital copy of “Internet Leaks,” the EP that features “Skipper Dan” and four other songs:

Photos from before and during the July 21, 2010 “Weird Al” Yankovic concert at Hard Rock Live Orlando:


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    Great intervuiew! Can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow! Love the clips. Makes me wanna see another show! Thanks for posting this!

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    One thing that I still don’t understand, having listened to the whole interview, is, how did you actually get the opportunity to interview Weird Al? Was he doing a press junket, or did you just bombard him with enough fanboy e-mails that he eventually caved in? 🙂

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      Ricky Brigante

      Ha! No bombarding and no press junket. This interview was scheduled the same way any organization would schedule any interview: I asked.

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        Really? Well, then that’s a good demonstration of the power of asking.

        I think a lot of people (in life in general) are afraid to ask for things, for a number of reasons: fear of rejection, not wanting to appear greedy, lack of confidence, etc. Often they dismiss asking someone for something, because they assume the answer will be no. You know what I mean?

        But I think you have proved that, actually, there’s no harm in asking. Wouldn’t you agree?

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          Ricky Brigante

          I agree completely! 🙂

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