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  1. Eileen

    I am trying to learn about the 1959 Madame Alexander Sleeping Beauty doll that was approved by Disney as an official Sleeping Beauty doll. I want to pass it down to my granddaughter and would like to tell her about the doll. I have just about exhausted all avenues in my search except Disney. Can you help me with this or direct me to someone who can? Madame Alexander was noooo help.
    Thanks so much, I am about to give up.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Perhaps Dave Smith at the Walt Disney Archives could help you:

    2. Elizabeth Bunce

      Hello, Eileen, I stumbled across your inquirey while doing my own search for information about my Disney Sleeping Beauty doll, from the same time frame. Did you learn anything? I was surprised to find nothing but dead ends so far.

      1. liliane

        hello about the doll i have one she was sold by sears catalogue on the tag that show that was done by disney . i have pic too Cissette dolls all have high-heeled feet and jointed knees, except for the Sleeping Beauty doll of 1959 – she has flat feet and no knee joints.
        All of the above information on dating Cissette dolls comes from Linda Crowsey’s 2008 Madame Alexander price guide.
        1959 only produce Sleeping beauty three stroke eyebrows pink eyelids, no earings mouth paint wider jointed with metal hooks flat fet no kne joins
        Here I have a most beautiful and hard to find Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. She is 17in. tall and made by the Madame Alexander Doll Company in 1959-60. She has a hard plastic head and her fully jointed body is vinyl. She is wearing her lovely original electric blue gown with a gold lace cape attached. Atop her head is a blue and gold crown which matches her gown. She wears her original shoes and hose. The clothes are in excellent condition with no stains, rips, holes or tears. Her face is flawless, with bright blue sleep eyes, full lashes, even cheek blush, full painted lips. She has no odors and comes from a smoke free home. The face of this “Sleeping Beauty” is really beautiful and not many were made.
        if you want i can send you pic

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