Tower Of Terror For Walt Disney World's Summer Nightastic Debut

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Tower of Terror


  1. Alan

    Hopefully some of the changes from this new version will be kept and integrated into the normal ride, such as the lighting effects. But they really killed the ride’s soundtrack, which seems to have been silenced. And that crackly ’20s music isn’t at all eerie or spooky; it sounds too happy and comical.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      These are definitely changes for the sake of change. The new drop profile is fun and I’d like to see it added to the randomized sequence, but everything else can go.

  2. Maybe these changes explain why we experienced so much down time over the last few days? We were there late last week and it was down quite a bit–sometimes the whole ride and sometimes only half of it. We noticed the second time that we rode it there was black covering the walls instead of the normal stuff. But we didn’t see the image in front of us. It was actually pretty dull because of that. We must have ridden at some point in the middle of when they were making the changes.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Yes, that’s definitely the case. The majority of the changes did not show up at Tower until last week.

  3. Christopher

    WDW took your picture when ToT first opened. It would then place the elevator in the eye as you drove past. Not sure why they took that out (replaced it with a staged photo that never changed). I assumed that the camera broke but it might have been that no one ever noticed it.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I remember that as well. It’s unfortunate that element went away.

      1. Michael Good

        I though that they got rid of that because of people flipping/flicking(sorry it escaped my memory right now) off the camera. I could be wrong though.

  4. mark sonnenberg

    I never really liked the “objects” in the glass rooms that you drive past headed to the drop, but the “drive” is what makes our tower better than california’s so they need to make it awesome, not just more stars. now if we went driving down a spooky hallway with open doors on the sides with ghostly projected twilight zone images in them, and ended up in front of a large mirror with our live projection in it like california’s then it could be really cool

  5. James Tailor

    I’d love to see a live projector realtime image as in California, but I see the problem they have here is that the veichle is constantly moving which would require a moving camera or something to that effect which could then play havoc into the morphing image if the camera is moving…

  6. Chris

    when was that video the new version or the old version

    1. Ricky Brigante

      This video is the new Summer Nightastic version, which has its last day on August 14.

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