“Tangled” teaser trailer targets boys, has some Disney fans worried

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First, Disney’s next princess film was to be “Rapunzel.” Then it became “Tangled,” shedding its princess title. Now, after seeing the new action- and humor-packed teaser trailer released for the upcoming movie, many fans are worried it is stretching too far away from Disney’s classics.

But is it just a case of Disney’s careful marketing, targeting “Tangled” to boys hoping they won’t realize it’s a “princess movie” at heart?

Watch the trailer for yourself and see which of the above reactions you have:

After the less-than-glorious box office performance of Disney’s grand return to 2D animation with “The Princess and the Frog,” if I were a Disney marketing executive, I’d be a bit concerned too. “The Princess and the Frog” is a fantastic movie, but the mere presence of the word “princess” in the title all but guaranteed that the majority of male children (and even many male adults) would have no interest in seeing it. But catching glimpses of the humorous Flynn Rider getting smacked around by a pretty blond girl’s hair (note: the name Rapunzel is never mentioned in the trailer) is almost sure to grab a boy’s attention.

Meanwhile, as the movie’s Nov. 24 release date grows closer and enough boys have a chance to decide to see the film based on this teaser, Disney will sneak out a full trailer, likely offering a bit more princess flair to pique the rest of the world’s interest and showing that the film’s plot consists of much more than a girl who can wield her hair like Indiana Jones’ whip.

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I’m not ready to jump on the “Disney’s lost its touch” bandwagon just yet. The visual style of “Tangled” appears to be a wonderful blend of the look of classic hand-drawn animation with the convenience and depth of CG, and I have faith that the film will not be released without an equally deep story.

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