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  1. Frog

    OHHH, I’m a theme park goer and a major Harry Potter fan, so it’ll be even funner for me! lol, Hope you had fun, and I can’t wait for this to open to the public… Who knows, if it’s popular enough, maybe they will create one more ride experience… Anyway, great review, the ride sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. Peter

    Sounds awesome.

    I’d rather leave the spoiler review.

  3. Elliot Lavelle

    Could you please publish the spoiler review? I am so curious I just can’t wait! Thanks!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I worked on it for a while today but got busy with other things as well. I plan to post it tomorrow!

      1. Elliot

        THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Great review, Ricky! I appreciate the fact that you kept it spoiler-free, too. I’m going to Universal in a few weeks and you’ve left me plenty of surprises to encounter.

  5. Curious HP fan

    Hi, thanks so much for the great report! I can hardly wait to see it myself. I do have something of a delicate question for you, though, to do with the seats of the ride itself. I’m going to the park with someone who is quite heavy (350+ pounds) – will he fit in the seats without being embarrassed? I want him to enjoy the ride, and he’s dying to go, but this is always an issue and knowing ahead of time will help us to plan accordingly, Thanks you so much!

    1. Curious HP fan

      Never mind, I just read the spoiler filled version and got the answer. That really sucks, I wish they would have thought of the fact that HP fans come in all sizes. My friend is going to be crushed.

      1. Frog

        Listen, if your friend is too heavy, that sucks for him, but it’s not that they didn’t know that Harry Potter fans can be both large and small. Every ride like this usually has seating with pull over bars. Now, there is the possibility of a special seat for larger people (such as the ones they have on certain other rides like Hulk). If your friend wants to go on the ride, why doesn’t he lose some weight? I understand that certain people have genes that make it difficult, and if that’s the case with your friend, then that sucks, but the ride will probably have the special seating. And if not, I’m sorry, there isn’t much you can do…

        1. Bandersnatch

          Frog, your compassion is simply astounding. Not to mention your tact. Bravo.

          1. Frog

            lol, Wow, this comment is so old I’m not even sure I should be replying but I feel compelled to thank you for that compliment. I was afraid of coming off as blunt, but it is difficult to make everyone happy. Fortunately they now have the modified seating.

      2. Ricky Brigante

        It’s a trade-off between creating a unique experience and safety. Unfortunately, not every experience can be made for every person. In this case, a new ride system is in play and it could be VERY dangerous if improperly used. I’m sure Universal is being as safe as possible with it. Even so, they will inevitably get many complaints from those who can’t ride.

  6. BLK

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The Haunted Mansion can’t event touch this ride. I’ve been on The Haunted Mansion plenty of times to tell you that the Forbidden Journey is 100 times more exciting and impressive.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Two entirely different rides. You’re right, Forbidden Journey is much more exciting, in a thrill ride kind of way. But that’s not what The Haunted Mansion is all about. You can’t really compare the two. It would be like comparing the Dragon Challenge roller coaster to the Disney railroad. Two different types of attractions entirely.

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