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Toy Story 3


  1. Emma

    .. cannot wait for this movie to come out in England – just 5 weeks to wait!!
    I’m expecting to cry as much as I did in “Up” after reading this review 😉

  2. Peter

    Great review. I loved this movie!

  3. Wild Ol' Dan

    Howdy Pards,

    I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday and let me tell ya it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. At one point our friends appear to be in VERY serious danger. But…in the end happy tears were rollin’ down my cheeks like somebody had turned on a spicket. Time marches on…I suppose…but love, devotion, caring, bravery, all the wonderful things we learn from these toys…are lessons that live in us forever. Great movie. Maybe one of Pixar’s greatest…powerfully done. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol’ Dan

  4. Jim

    I just saw the movie and I loved it, Ricky you are correct this movie made me laugh and cry (a little). I didn’t think Pixar could improve on the story but I think this one was the best of the three. I only wish they would have found someway to bring Bo Peep into the story line.

  5. Nick Lepa

    We go to the theater at 9:20 and there was a huge line just for TS3 IMAX 3D, the movie started at 10:20pm! Several questions for you rick. Did you cry, I’m a 16 year old man and cried? Did everyone in your theater clap during certain parts of the movie, I have never seen anything like it but everyone did it in our theater? And was there a line to get in to you theater just to see this film?

  6. justin J

    i saw this in 3d and i loved it the ending almost got me to cry (if i was alone i would have) but i noticed two cameos 1 of them is something that fans would remember definitely another is one that only i think some would get hint look at the stuffed animals when three new characters are introduced. but overall great movie lots of fun great ending to a great trilogy of movies

  7. Alan

    To be totally honest, I don’t go to the cinema to cry or to feel sad. For me, the cinema is a place to go for escapism, to feel happy, not a place to have dark thoughts and get depressed. I agree that films should definitely make you care about the characters in them, but in recent years Pixar have gone too far with their desire to make audiences cry.

    So, I don’t know if I’ll be seeing Toy Story 3. Both WALL-E and Up I found too dark in places and I haven’t watched either again since. But Monsters Inc and Ratatouille are great and I’ve watched them multiple times.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I’d say Toy Story 3 has high casual rewatchability. There are some dark bits, but they’re not the same as those found in Up and Wall-E.

      1. Alan

        Ok, thanks. That’s good to know. Maybe I will see it after all. Sad (as in, make you cry sad) films just don’t appeal to me. For example, I really wanted to love WALL-E, but I found a lot of it cold, lonely and distressing.

  8. claen

    Will you have a spoiler-filled review on your podcast or on the website soon? I’d be curious to see your full opinion.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I don’t think I’ll be doing a spoiler-filled review of this movie. My least favorite part was the opening sequence, though I enjoyed it more during a second viewing of the scene earlier today. The first time through, it seemed a bit out of place but after watching the whole film, it does tie together nicely. That’s about as spoiler-filled as I’m going to get. 🙂

  9. Ben

    I just got back from this movie and it was great! You can always expect great things from Disney and Pixar movies. Their always so creative and you can always relate to them. Thanks for the review on Toy Story 3. I look forward to more Disney and Pixar films in the future!

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