Comments for Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise now available at Orlando International Airport


  1. jennifer bortman

    kool they have the same stuff at hot topic

    1. really??? no way!!! i need to get myself a ravenclaw shirt next time i go to hot topic 🙂

  2. jessica r

    how much are the honeydukes lollipops and candy skulls?

    1. Michael

      lollipops- $4.95 Skull- $9.95

      1. HarryPotter

        have u ever eaten a chocolate frog? its soooooooooo good! but it is solid and it melted in the heat 😛

  3. Cricket

    I just wanted to say I love all the videos you’ve posted 🙂 When do you think you will be able to get footage of the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” ride? Some youtuber’s (prolly at the soft opening like you) have posted some online, but they aren’t good quality.

  4. Edward

    wow this is awesome…ill be going to the airport this Saturday so ill definitely have to check out this 🙂

  5. Holly

    Can’t go there either. T_T Why must you tease me, Universal?

    Argh. I want this stuff so bad.

  6. Brian

    Hey! Thanks for the great pictures! How much are the Remembralls?

  7. becka

    quaffles?! cool! anyone know how much those are?

    1. john

      they are 20$ and the wands wich are way awsome are 28$. they may be different at the airport i was at the actual harry potter theme park and those were the prices.

  8. Matthew

    Can you order this stuff online?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Not yet, but it’s likely that Universal will add some of it to their new online store.

  9. jaque

    how much are the quaffles?, not that it really matters lol, i’m never gonna get to go.

  10. EMC

    cool photos! thanks for the post!! also went in this store and did me some shopping! the funny thing was, I was later stopped at the tsa walk through for carrying magic dust (that is what the tsa officer joked with me, LOL!)

  11. Dami

    Do you know if there going to sell Time-Turners at the wizarding world of harry potter? & how much would they be? i’ve been dying to know. Because thats all I really want, plus a wand 🙂
    please and thank you

    1. Ricky Brigante

      No Time-Turners now. But I was told that the one on display in a Dervish & Banges window is one of the actual props from the movie.

  12. I read that broomsticks are being sold in Dervish and Banges. Does anybody know how much they cost?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Somewhere around $300.

    2. hdixon

      the plastic ones werent 300 they were about 30-40 dollars 🙂

  13. HarryPotter

    i went to wwohp and it was the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sidney

    OMG!! NO time turners…. 🙁 bummer…oh well going to The Wizarding World of Haryy Potter tuesday!!!! YAY!!! ( sorry to brag but im sooooo excited) so does anybody know if they have ginny weasleys wand avalibe for sale at WWoHP (in Ollivander’s wand shop)….lettme kno….THANKS!!! 🙂

  15. LOL. I love the picture of the phoenix, Fawkes! I wish we could visit, but we’re so far away.

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