Comments for Survey Says: “Family Feud” taping dates announced for Universal Orlando


  1. Well, Family Feud is actually a classic game that traces back wayback in the 80’s i guess. It is a nice game anyway.’`”

  2. THeresa Kahmar

    I had sent an email when you had the boston tryouts. We are a group of nurses that would like you to consider having a “nurses week” similar to when you have an “armed forces week” or any other sub group. National nurses week is always the second week in may. If you have any interest, could you please contact me at 845-856-7262 or the above email address. If you have no interest, could you please let me know and I will not keep contacting you. Thank you so much for any consideration you give to this idea. Sincerely, Theresa Kahmar

  3. anne javier

    Will Family Feud be coming to California any time in 2010?
    my e-mail address is; ajavier1@san.rr.com

  4. Bobo Pallotta

    Where and what dates are the 2011 auditions. My family of 5 would like to plan our vacation and audition for your show. Please e-mail at the above address. Thank you. Mrs. Bobo Pallotta

  5. Felicia Anderson

    We the Anderson family would like a 2011 schedule so we can tryout for the Family Fued!

  6. Steve Sanders

    I would just like to pass on, to the Person or People involved in picking\
    STEVE HARVEY, as a replacement for John O”Hurley. FANTASTIC, is all I can
    say. The way Steve interacts or acts up, at all, makes it MORE of a pleasure to watch that show. I think he is a great comedian, and, in my
    opinion, I think that he is the BEST host that I have seen, in all of the years I have been watching Family Feud, and I hope he stays with the Feud, for a long time.

  7. Twana


  8. Pat Delay

    Our family of five Steve, Pat, Mike, Debbi and Tammy would love to be able to try out for an audition for your 2011 season. I am proud to be part of a family that not only are loving, but when we get together for family functions they are fun to be with. Please let me know when your auditions for your 2011 season will be held. We are very anxious to participate in your game show and would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for giving us so many wonderful nights in watching your show.

  9. Lynne Richardson

    Our family would like to audition for the family feud. We live in
    Southern California!

  10. Garrett Pickett

    Our enegetic Family will love to audition for the family feud. We resides in Washington, DC

  11. priscilla edwards

    My family would love being on the show.I have always wished to be on Family Feud. I have played for years at home with the children. I go back 20 or more years.

  12. My family loves the show and have watched for over 20 years. We are a family of 5 sisters and would love to audition. please contact me when the 2011 auditions start back up.

  13. Jane Punch

    When will the next taping for Family Feud be??? Would like tickets

  14. Betty Clarkson

    I have to agree with a previous post, Steve Harvey, in my opinion, is the best HOST. I watch at 9:30 AM each morning and start the day laughing, He cracks me up. 😉

  15. Duane E. Neal

    The show with Steve Harvey FINALLY started airing in the Upstate of SC, the second week of September 2011 at 6 and 7 p.m. and Steve is so much fun to watch, funny to listen to and the best host to watch! Thank you Family Fued for bringing Steve Harvey on to host the show!! Best decision the show has ever made!!!

  16. Lena McMorris

    Oh! Iam so excited the family yhat was just show 10:30 march 1 2012.
    i belive are the sisters of my oldest and dearest friend. through her fathers.. and may not beaware that she exssit. she is such a beautiful person inside in out, I know they would be so delighted to know they ahve a sister they all look just like her even the eyes hair nose
    it is like looking and a looking glass i would love too sends you her
    picture. her mom has pass on she does not know if her dad is still alive
    he was’nt in her life. but this would mean so much to her please..in she from st.louis also.

  17. Bonnie

    Is steve harvey black?

  18. Helen coggins

    Steve harvey is the best thing to happen to Family Feud.

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