Parkspotting At Disney's Hollywood Studios – May 9, 2010: Lots O' Hugs And Keepin' Cool

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  1. Peter

    As always, very nice! I love ParkSpotting!

    And by the way, awesome Honydew and Beaker shirt, Ricky! 😉

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks. I wore it in honor of MuppetVision 3D being closed temporarily.

      1. Peter

        On what special occasion! 😉 Very nice.

  2. Emma

    Thank you for sharing all the photos of Hollywood Studios.. it makes me really want to be there; never mind, only 30 weeks til my next trip! 🙂

  3. Alan

    Hey Ricky. I appreciate that you want a new camera, but:

    Reason #1. Your red flower photo being out-of-focus isn’t necessarily the fault of your Canon SD500. Did you lock the focus on the flower? Did you use macro mode? The SD500 can definitely focus on a flower with the background out-of-focus. Even my iPhone 3GS can do that 🙂

    Reason #2. You shouldn’t need to use a flash when taking a wide-shot indoors. If you set your ISO to 400 or 800 you should be able to take a really clear photo without any flash. I don’t know what the low light performance of the SD500 is like, but it may be pretty crappy given it’s 5 years old.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      #1: Yes, I did use the macro mode and lock the focus on the flower. In fact, I took the shot 4 or 5 times. My point was that the shot I intended was difficult to achieve given that the bright sun was washing out the small screen on my camera and I couldn’t see what I was doing very well. Plus my camera has a problem where when I press the button, it doesn’t always take the picture. It only works properly every once in a while. It has issues. 😉

      #2: You’re right. This camera has terrible low light performance. Even on ISO 400 (which is the highest it can do), the resulting image has a lot of noise. And, again, I often have to try to take a picture numerous times before it actually works.

  4. The effect you tried for with the rose and the hat is easy to do on the iPhone 3GS. Just tap the section of the picture you want to focus on.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Alan pointed that out above as well. And that pretty much sums up why I need a new camera. I can easily achieve that shot on my iPhone but not so easily on my point-and-shoot. Something’s wrong there. 🙂 The focus on my point-and-shoot is just too finicky.

      1. Alan

        Thanks for replying Ricky. Right, I didn’t understand that your camera was faulty/broken.

        One of the biggest advantages of “today’s” cameras is having a much larger, brighter, higher-resolution LCD. That is, if you prefer using an LCD to an optical viewfinder. Personally I love LCDs. I’ve tried the optical viewfinders on a lot of Canon DSLRs and hated them.

        You said somewhere that you were considering the Canon S90, which is the camera I have (I bought mine a couple of months ago). The S90 is excellent, but I’m not sure it’s the fastest camera out there. I mean, to get the most out of it you really need to set it manually, which slows you down from shot-to-shot. The results you can get with it are almost DSLR quality, you’ll just be spending a while dialling in the ISO setting, and adjusting the exposure compensation.

        I don’t know if you saw, but Canon just released a brand new compact camera, the IXUS 300HS. It’s essentially a cheaper more automated version of the S90, in that it has a bright f/2.0 wide-angle lens, but also has 720p HD video recording:

        1. Ricky Brigante

          I didn’t know that but thanks for pointing it out. Hopefully a local store will get one soon so I can try it out. I was almost sold on the S90 but that sounds like a great camera too. I’d like to think that the manual settings on the S90 are what I want, but most of the time when I’m shooting I don’t have time to be messing with settings.

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