Comments for New Walt Disney World hotel to be built called Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


  1. jtizzle1023

    This is sweet! I have a friend in Imagineering and he said that there are plans in the works to for a Marvel Hotel

    1. Juan

      Disney can’t build anything Marvel east of the Mississippi. Your friend is not an imagineer.

      1. CJ

        Actually they own the rights outright to all of Marvel Comics as they have purchased those right for 4 Billion in 2009. Now in 2009 there were about 5 to 7 additional movies still under contract with Sony & Paramount with will conclude in late 2012/early 2013. Universal contract with Marvel is written with all rights to use explained clearly as to use and any misuse allow Marvel to viod such contract as breach which means Disney retains such rights…Basically, don’t be suprised if Disney has a Marvel Hotel in the works…Generally they work 5 years out on any plans and based on her original comment in 2010….Look for a Marvel Hotel construction to begin 2015/2016 with the real release of the design/concept in 2016ish.

  2. I am so happy to see disney doing something with the other half of POP and with a 2012 opening I can not wait to book a trip to visit this new hotel.

  3. Clay Matthews

    Outstanding news. I can’t imagine this not becoming our family’s favorite place to stay.

  4. claen

    I am a little disappointed that the Legendary Years idea is being scrapped for something that sounds vaguely like All Star Movies. But I am glad that the area will finally get cleaned out.

    1. Christina Kae

      i completely agree!!

  5. Peter

    Wow sounds like an awesome theme. Can’t wait.



  7. Book my trip for 8-2012 can’t wait to enjoy all the new area’s and buildings surrounding the new Resort.See ya soon.

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