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  1. Nick

    We signed up for this in January, and they told us it was going to be its first week, not sure if that is true or not. We signed up, and I specifically asked if they’d be running this tour given it was Marathon Sunday in Disney. We were assured it’d be happening, so we booked the rest of our dining and other entertainment around it.

    Lo and behold, Friday night in our resort room we got a call saying it was cancelled – b/c of the Marathon. More so than any other aspect of Disney, and based partially on how bad the Undiscovered Future World tour in Epcot was, I feel like this is purely a money-maker proposition, with very little new information to the true insiders who want to experience this level of Behind the Scenes excitement.

    I love Disney, but I think their tours are, on the whole, poorly executed and disappointing. Hope this tour proves me wrong.

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