New Disneyland Tram Doors - Added Safety Or Just A Pain?

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Disneyland Tram Doors


  1. Jason

    I think this is a necessary evil. The only other option would to have been MUCH more vigilant on how many people cram into a row. The more people, the closer they are to falling out. So, they could cut down the number of riders, but then you need to run more trams. So, not many good options.

  2. Robert

    This will keep folks from boarding the tram as it is ready to pull away. Don’t you just hate when they do that?

    1. Shel

      I think that is the best insight, Robert. I kept brainlessly thinking “geeze, how many people fall off?” And even if there has been big liability from the occasional fall off, the daily problem is the late boarding. I’ve seen a lot of late boarding, and even one gal who jumped off after the tram started moving. People are idiots, we’re getting the cattle cars that (we) as a herd deserve.

      1. Ricky Brigante

        And now they’ve added the same style of doors to a few trams at Walt Disney World too. Seems like they’re working on adding them to all the trams.

  3. PenelopePeach

    I’ve had to deal with these a few times over the past few weeks. I think they’re a pain – the doors are resistant and they don’t give you much room to get in/out. They can be difficult to maneuver through when you have a lot of stuff.

  4. Michelle

    Maybe it’s to “encourage” parents to not bring their own strollers and just rent Disney’s.


  5. Nameless Cast Member

    When I worked at WDW, the attraction I was at had doors that we slid open and shut and then locked with a pin. I feel like something along the same lines is in order for trams with doors. It might slow things down too much though. But it would be a nice courtesy and guests wouldn’t have to deal with the struggle to keep the doors open and out of their way. Also as cast members, we could decide when the tram was full and the doors needed to be shut, not the guests.

    1. Jamie

      I agree, that seems like a much better design, but that probably would take too long. The current design a pain in the ass, and what’s stopping some moron from opening the door while the tram is in motion? Nothing. Automatic doors are also a bad idea since they have the potential of closing on someones foot. As I’ve seen posted before, maybe the USH doors would have been the best way to go. But you’re right, the control should be in the hands of the cast members, not the guests.

  6. Totally agree Greg!

  7. jenny

    I have to agree with the doors it does feel like a more private seating isle. I thought I would not like them but after my last visit when some one stood up and was hanging out the doorway looking back I can see the need for it. But I also saw one couple who got out the wrong side this weekend because they couldn’t get the door open. I did notice more trams were running this past weekend, whether it is because of the door issue I am not sure.

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  9. gabriel

    the reason for the doors is some lady fell asleep and was falling out and two relatives decided to try and keep her in in which they fell out also and received concussions and sued disney…they finally settled (surprise surprise, everyones sue crazy in california) and now we have doors.

  10. Christina

    I think you have far too much time on your hands to complain about doors. If it will save just one persons life, then I say good. What if it was your child that fell out and was killed and a door would have saved them? You’d really be complaining then.

    1. Good point. But children are supposed to be seated on the inside – parents on the outside. So…

  11. sixfootsix

    The doors are required by the city of Anaheim for the trams to be able to cross Katella Ave and get to the additional off-site parking lot. It now seems that buses are being used to reach that lot instead of the tram. The lower connecting point of the door takes up too much of the already cramped space for a person to step. Especially a size 15 or larger shoe.

  12. Sam

    I know I’ll look silly, commenting on an almost 7-year-old post, but I don’t care.

    I don’t think the doors are that bad. I remember going to Disneyland in summer of 2014, and I don’t remember having any problems. There are tons of trams, aren’t there? Plus it’s safer. And if you have your hands full, depending on what you have, maybe you can set one thing down, open the door (depending on whatever it won’t just shut on its own), get in with all your stuff, then close it. You can ask someone to help with the door too.

    That’s just me, though. I think of the trams as the first ride in the parks, personally.

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