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Harry Potter Stars


  1. kwan

    Beautiful Emma Watson

  2. Alan

    That’s a great group photo. BUT… rant coming up 🙂

    Why is it laid out like Emma Watson is the star? Why is she the focus of the photo, the one getting all the attention? Robbie Coltrane is a FAR better actor than her, and has been in many more films and TV shows. He’s the one that should be standing in the middle of the photo going “look, it’s me”.

    There’s too much focus in today’s society on people that supposedly look good, and not enough on people who are talented. People get more respect for what they were just born with (i.e. their looks), than what they’ve actually done and achieved.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      While I agree with some of your points, I do think Emma should be the center of attention in this photo. While Coltrane is great as Hagrid, he’s still a supporting character. So in the Wizarding World, Hermione is a much bigger star than Hagrid, regardless of who is playing the characters.

      I’m sure if Daniel Radcliffe had been present for this shoot instead of Emma, he would have been at the center. Likewise for Rupert Grint.

      1. Alan

        Ok, I agree with you Ricky. I’m easily swayed 🙂 Emma is one of the three main characters, and the only one present in that photo. So I guess it makes sense that she gets centre stage. She just needs to remember it’s the Wizarding World of HARRY POTTER, not the Wizarding World of Hermione Granger.

        Speaking of which, I wonder if Daniel or Rupert will be attending the grand opening? Warwick Davies is almost guaranteed to be there 😉

      2. Dave

        IF you put Robbie front and centre, you wouldnt be able to see anyone else. Even without the Hagrid costume he is a big guy.

        1. Well, I’m sure that if Robbie was put in the center, he would appear to be big. But still, I don’t think that’s the main reason Robbie wasn’t put in the center of photograph. Besides, if Robbie was put in the middle and the other members of the cast were put on the sides of the photo shot, they would still be visible.

    2. Well, Hermione is one of the three MAIN characters in the Harry Potter series. Since Emma portrays Hermione, I do think that it is fair that she is in the center of the photograph. Robbie Coltrane only portrays a supporting character, Hagrid. He IS a huge part of the Harry Potter series, but Hermione is more mentioned in both the books and the movies, so Hermione Granger is a bit more important than Hagrid. I do agree that Coltrane is a great actor and that he performed very well in the whole Harry Potter series, but Emma Watson’s character is both more popular and noticed in the series.

    3. ….and I think that should Emma realize that the attraction is NOT entirely based off of her character. Sure, the concept of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter WAS partially based off of Hermione Granger, but the MAIN character of the series is Harry Potter. I’m sure that when Emma got the role of Hermione Granger she was told she would not be portraying the main character, so she probably DOES realize that in that sense, she’s not the center of attention. So, I do agree with you for that concept, Alan.
      But still, Hermione Granger is very important in the series and her portrayer should be recognized.

  3. Sandra

    They are doing Promotion there.It can be that Rupert will be there or Tom in June.Maybe th Actors who won’t be there in June are now there.

    But well it’s true.It’s wizarding World of Harry Potter,NOT Hermione Granger.So there is no Main Actor there.They are all the same there and it’s not fair if Emma gets all the Attention.
    It’s about the whole Harry Potter World ,not the golden Trio or something like that.

    1. Erick

      A big part of the HP audience are kids. Hermione appeals to the kids more than any of those other characters, I think.

      So in that case, it doesn’t/didn’t matter who the most well-versed or best actor is — the one who’ll draw the most attention (and who is also one of the stars and not just a supporting character) will get the center stage.

  4. Josh

    LOL at the people complaining over Emma getting the attention. She one of the 3 main leads for goodness sake! Leave the poor girl alone! She knows she’s not the star. If Daniel Radcliffe came he’d have a lot of the focus too.

  5. eir

    it’s supposed to be hogsmeade and hogwarts! Why is olivander’s there?

    1. I agree that is was kind of mashed-up to combine Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, AND Olivander’s, but I suppose that the creators of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter thought that it was important to include Olivander’s, since it is mentioned several times in the books…and shown in the movies.

      1. It does make sense though now, since they are currently working on making Diagon Alley included, now in 2014.

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