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Talking Mickey Mouse


  1. This is a wonderful step forward for entertaining the little ones who love Mickey. And their comment that “I think Walt would be proud” is true – Walt would be very proud they’ve come this far.
    I love they’re on their way to this, but…
    Where I’m not sure Walt would agree would be in letting some people see & experience it, and that its now out in the public domain – but that, “It will likely be a while before we see this technology become commonplace within Disney’s theme parks”.
    That’s where they are going to mess up.
    I don’t think Disney is getting the new social media concept – that not only is information being spread a lot quicker than when we thought CNN was fast – but that people are actively sharing things – including their Disney experiences.
    I sent the article to my brother because like me, he’s a huge Disney fan. But I warned him NOT to show the kids – at 3,5 & 7 they won’t understand why Mickey talked with some people, but that when they come down in November & he doesn’t talk to them, its not that Mickey doesn’t like them, its that he can’t.
    Disney is doing something really cool here, but they also need to get a lot more tuned in to social media & how it really works. Things are now immediate, in the moment, and something like this can really confuse kids. People are controlling the message, not corporations anymore, and if you’ve got something this cool, its going to get out – so be ready or don’t show it.
    And I hope that they get it out soon – for my nieces and nephew, and all the kids who are seeing this amazing new development this week.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Just to be clear, the comments about Walt and the technology showing up in the parks are mine, not Disney’s. The text that Heather wrote on the Disney Parks Blog is quoted in grey text and indented above. Any of the text written in black are my personal writings and thoughts and do not represent opinions expressed by The Walt Disney Company. This web site is not affiliated with Disney either.

      With that said…

      Think back to the old late-night programs when Walt Disney was alive and Disneyland was in its planning stages and early years. They frequently showed concept art, half-built animatronics, head sculptures, etc. Sure Disney theme park magic was in its infancy at that point, but I think the Internet is a fantastic place to keep showing behind-the-scenes looks without spoiling any of the fun in the parks. It allows people who are interested to take a peek behind the curtain without interfering with the day-to-day operations once you’re actually there in person.

  2. And I thought Roz from the Monsters Inc. ride was cool!

  3. Jake

    Yeah. search up on youtube “dream along with Mickey” and it will be by undercovertourist. the characters, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, And Goofy, were talking with there mouths opening and closing, and blinking eyes.

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