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Toy Story 3


  1. mrs_belle

    Oh, my heart just sinks with joy at this whole website of beauty. The dancers are perfect, Buzz and Jessie are perfect and Disney is the OBJECT and VERY DEFINITION of perfect!

    BRAVO!! BRAVA!!!

  2. okie barnett

    i think i will choose to boycott the movie because of the spanish speaking buzz this is america speak english and i want take my grandkids to see this one

    1. Ursula

      It’s sad how ignorant people are and the worst part is that she’s passing the ignorance on to her grandkids.

    2. Paul Richards

      This has already been said enough, but I couldn’t resist…
      Okie Barnett, you retard! You don’t even know your own history! And your if your spoken English is as good as your written English, then there’s an ironic level of hypocrisy in your comments. I’m amused and yet disturbed by your existence.
      Let’s all hope your “grandkids” aren’t too heavily influenced by your general ignorance; for their sake, and for the sake of your nation.

    3. Adrienne

      GET OVER IT. Buzz’s switch is turned onto “Spanish mode” for about a full 2 minutes of the movie. If you weren’t a COMPLETE blockheaded bigot, you’d come to find that it’sa a very charming and funny scene.

    4. daniel

      Wow, that was a surprise to read “Okie’s” comment. I agree that speaking english in America is important, so is writing, punctuating & grammar and SPELLING! Okie if you can’t say anything nice, please don’t make us read it in your broken english, better yet….don’t say it at all!! As for ToyStory3, what a beautiful movie and Bravo to all the hard work by John Lasseter and his crew.

  3. that's rude

    the movie was simply hilarious to watch & see with the spanish speaking and dancing buzz! The other commenter should feel ashamed of themselves. Last time I hecked AMERICA did not have an official language so anyone can speak whatever language they want. Learn other cultures..become more versatile & step out of your bubble!

  4. JoshZTP2

    After I totally loved seeing Toy Story 3; I so noteced that at the end Jessie & Buzz danced a Paso Doble! It was just so GOSH DARN CUTE; & it brought a HUGE SMILE to my face! I even knew it was coreographed by 2 of my LONG TIME FAVORITE DWTS pros; since I TOTALLY pointed that out as the credits rolled at the end of this WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC & BEST TOY STORY FILM EVER!! 😀

  5. emily

    I love the show,Included jesie,spanish buzz!

  6. That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see the movie.

  7. i wish that they also feature Jewel Kilcher on the Dancing With The Stars show,.*

  8. Kris

    In the spanish version of the movie, what language does buzz speak when his language is changed?

    1. Jack

      I wondered this myself, but according to wikipedia Spain, he is still put into Spanish mode.
      They spent a lot of time doing the choreography for the paso doble dancing so i guess they wanted to keep this in the Spanish version.

      Also, it seems that in other countries they are still aware that Buzz Lightyear is American and therefore usually speaks English even if they are hearing it in Spanish. Much like people in England know hes American.

    2. pepa

      in the Spanish versin Buzz speaks with andalusian accent. Andalusia is a region in the south of Spain famous for flamenco dancing.

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