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Since Inside the Magic‘s initial tiny web site I created 5 years ago, the show’s home page has only had one major overhaul a couple of years – and it wasn’t even that major.

This new InsideTheMagic.net web page is a fully-featured web page that brings together everything you love about Inside the Magic in one easy-to-use spot online. From the moment you visit our new home page, you’re instantly be greeted with easy access to the latest podcasts, videos, news, and articles.

On the left side of every page, you’ll find our new online Inside the Magic player, that allows you to listen to any episode of the Inside the Magic podcast, past or present, without downloading or installing anything.

Just below the podcast player, you’ll find quick access to the latest Inside the Magic tweets and a link to find us on Facebook.

You can explore our podcasts even more by browse through the hundreds of shows we have produced in the past. From this point forward, each show’s listing here will be home to full show notes including links to all the news stories you hear about on the show, a listing of background music from each show, and embedded videos to watch on the web site related to that show’s topics.

Here you can also browse Inside the Magic‘s high-quality videos, where you can watch and download a large library that we have released in the past 5 years.

On this new site, you’ll find all of our photos. Browsing through hundreds of old Inside the Magic photos is fast and simple and future photos will be added in galleries for better organization.

For those wanting to stay on top of the most interesting Disney and theme park news between weekly episodes of the Inside the Magic podcast, we’ve launched the new Inside the Magic news room where we’ll be posting news, articles, reviews, and updates throughout each week.

The most exciting new feature is that all Inside the Magic content is now searchable. A handy search box can be found in the upper-right corner of every page here on InsideTheMagic.net and it can be used to find news, articles, podcasts, and videos, about any topic you’d like.

In addition to search, all content on Inside the Magic is accessible via RSS. Each page has embedded RSS feeds for news, podcasts, videos, photos, forum posts, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. So if you’re glued to your news reader, you can easily subscribe to anything Inside the Magic has to offer.

Finally, I’ve made it easier than ever for you to say thanks to us for delivering all of this exciting content to you for free. On the new Inside the Magic home page, just underneath the Featured News & Articles section, you’ll find a bar that offers you two ways to support Inside the Magic:

1. In the middle you’ll find a big, more obvious Amazon.com link. I humbly ask that you click on this link in advance of purchasing anything on Amazon.com. If you click that graphic and then add anything on Amazon.com to your shopping cart, Inside the Magic will get a referral credit for that purchase, which helps me justify spending the last 6 weeks essentially ignoring my wife to work on this new web page.

2. Next to the Amazon.com graphic you’ll find two PayPal donation options. The button on the left allows you to make a one-time donation to Inside the Magic of any amount of your choosing. The right button lets you subscribe to a $5 monthly recurring payment. If 4-5 hours of high-quality audio programming plus numerous videos and daily articles and updates seems worth $5 per month to you, I’d really appreciate you signing up for this option.

I hope you enjoy the all-new Inside the Magic web page here at InsideTheMagic.net and return regularly to stay up to date on all the most exciting Disney and theme park news.

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