ParkSpotting At Epcot – April 24, 2010: Dancing Girls And Fast Food

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Here I introduce a new post series to Inside the Magic called ParkSpotting. This series will be home to photos of a random assortment of interesting places, people, or other sights found during visits to theme parks. Each post will be limited to photos from a single park, all taken during a single day’s visit.

Photos in these posts are kept to a reasonable width and height to quickly display them all here, but you can always click on them to access higher-resolution copies.

For the first ParkSpotting adventure, we visited Epcot on Saturday, April 24, 2010…

Spaceship Earth and Epcot waterway
Views like this are why I visit Epcot. Spaceship Earth shines in the background. The Flower and Garden Festival decorations fill the area with color. All while the sun casts a soft orange glow over it all.
Mickey Mouse topiary with Spaceship Earth
While I had visited the Flower and Garden Festival this year one other time, I was struck this time by this juxtaposition as I walked by. It looks like farmer Mickey is staring right at Spaceship Earth.

Tronorail monorail passes by The Land
The “Tronorail” is still running around the Epcot beam, as it will be for many months to come. It’s still fun to catch a glimpse of throughout the park.
Dance team posing in front of Spaceship Earth
When I entered the park, I couldn’t help but spot this group of girls dressed even more casually than your average theme park guest. As you can imagine, a lot of heads were turning around this area.
USASF dance competition in Epcot's World Showplace
After wandering deeper into the park, I realized why the girls pictured above were visiting Epcot: a USASF dance tournament. It was taking place throughout the day in the World Showplace (former Millenium Village). I wasn’t sure if it was open to the public, but I wandered in any way…
USASF dance competition in Epcot's World Showplace
…and saw pretty much what I expected. A large, brightly lit stage brought the performing dance team to the center of attention while hundreds of seated audience members watched. The building was filled with the sounds of thumping hip hop dance mixes and smelled a bit like a locker room, so I quickly left.
USASF dance competition
The costumes were worn by all the dancers I saw at Epcot were certainly… unique. This group was practicing as I left the World Showplace.
Cheerleaders practice in front of the World Showcase lagoon
Throughout the day, I (along with any other guests with eyes) couldn’t help but spot dancers around every corner of the park. This group was practicing some moves out by the World Showcase Lagoon. Not a sight you see every day at Epcot.
Dance girls chowing down on nachos
It also became quite clear to me that dancing must build up a hefty appetite. Whenever I spotted girls with large amounts of peculiar make-up, they were either walking to or from the dance competition – or they were eating. I must have seen at least 20 different girls each carrying a heaping plate of nachos.
Dance girls getting Chinese food
And those not in the mood for Mexican went for Chinese.
Chip and Dale meet and greet
But it wasn’t all about the dancers at Epcot this weekend. There was a long line to meet Chip and Dale near The Land…
Long line for ice cream
…and an even longer line to get ice cream, as it was a rather hot and sunny day. (Though sure enough, a few seconds after I snapped this shot, a few more dancers walked up and got in line.)
Resting on Epcot grass
This grassy area near Germany in the World Showcase was packed with people taking a break. I don’t blame them, though I would have chosen an area with more air conditioning…
Unoccupied area of Innoventions
…like this. I spotted this unusually empty area across from The Great Piggy Bank Adventure upon walking through Innoventions. One can only assume that something fun and interesting will show up here eventually. In the meantime, guests can use it as a place to sit and relax.
Vinylmation invades Epcot's Mouse Gears
I noticed that Vinylmation has taken over one of the MouseGears windows. The craze continues to expand with no sign of stopping. It’s a good thing I’m not interested.
Hidden Mickey in The Seas aquarium
I decided to spend some time in The (Living) Seas, as I hadn’t been in there in a while. While watching the fish swim and the bubbles bubble, I noticed this Hidden Mickey at the bottom of the aquarium. It’s spottable from the top floor on the right side and appears to be made from stones and some metal rings.
Viva Napoli progress in the Italy pavilion
Now for the obligatory construction update. Work on the “Via Napoli” pizzeria continues, but out of sight. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Cantina de San Angel expansion progress
Over in Mexico, the “Cantina de San Angel” enhancements have gone vertical, mostly blocked by tree-adorned coverings.
Cantina de San Angel expansion progress
Here’s a higher-up view of the “Cantina de San Angel” taken from the top of the steps of the Mexico pavilion.
Mexico pavilion
After snapping those two shots, I found myself looking up at the Mexico pavilion from an angle that made it look massive.
Mickey hopscotch in the United Kingdom pavilion
While wandering through the United Kingdom pavilion I spotted a couple of kids enjoying a game of Mickey hopscotch. I’m not sure they knew how to properly play (does anyone?) but they were having fun anyway.
Atlanta Rhythm Section concert
Atlanta Rhythm Section was playing the “Flower Power” concert of the day opposite the American Adventure.
Atlanta Rhythm Section concert
Here’s a closer look at Atlanta Rhythm Section. I’ll be honest, I have no idea who these guys are. I’m happy that the “Eat to the Beat” concert series for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival beginning in October will feature a few more contemporary bands. Well, if you consider early-’90s to be contemporary.
Mo'Rockin in the Morocco pavilion
At one point I came across Mo’Rockin playing in Morocco. And no, that’s not a joke. That’s really their name.
Mo'Rockin in the Morocco pavilion
Clearly, I was not going to be able to escape dancing girls on this trip. Not that that’s a bad thing.
Tronorail monorail in front of an Imagination sunset
We wrap up this PhotoSpotting trip to Epcot with a lovely view of the sun setting behind the Imagination building while the “Tronorail” passes in front.

My goal with this ParkSpotting series is not only to bring you fun and unique views from theme parks but also to encourage myself to get to the parks more often (did I really need another reason?) and to get some exercise in the process (oh, that’s the reason). So I hope to bring you more posts like this soon and regularly. Comment if you enjoyed it!

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