Comments for Disney’s Electrical Parade May Be Replaced by New Nighttime Parade When Fantasyland Expansion Opens


  1. nicole

    We arrive in disney on August 22nd, hope its still around at that time šŸ™‚

  2. Avery

    I’m actually kind of hoping SpectroMagic comes back after MSEP leaves. I have grown to love the music and floats, and it has been one of the main highlights of our trips in recent years.

  3. I can’t wait for the ELP to return. It’s been ages since I last saw it.

  4. Jay

    The MSEP will only be at WDW for 5 years if that, it has plans to return to the Disneyland resort in 2015 for the 60th anniversary

  5. Michele

    I hope you are right, Jay! I have loved the Electrical Lights Parade at Disneyland since I was a girl. I miss it already and it just barely left. (When it moved to California Adventure from Disneyland and after it’s run on the east coast, the name was changed from the Main Street Electrical Parade and the lead float, train car with Goofy driving and Mickey and Minnie onboard, changed to reflect it.) I will say I loved the SpectroMagic parade when my family visited WDW last fall. It is something that DLR does not have. I found it similar to the ELP. I wished we had been able to see it a second time! I also hope that when it returns to DLR, it returns to DL, and back on Main Street!

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