Comments for D-Street offers Vinylmation, urban apparel, and a taste of the Adventurers Club


  1. Will W.

    I’m really trying to understand Vinylmation, but Ricky your videos are the best, love the video editing and music you add to each one!!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks! I don’t understand Vinylmation either, but I’m sure there are those who don’t understand the fascination with pins.

      1. Nicole

        Vinylmation is a play off of underground street artists such as Kid Robot (http://www.kidrobot.com) essentially what these artists would do is take these Vinyls (3D sculpted character shapes) and paint them, graffiti them etc. Because they were all handpainted and rare, they become instant collectors items. This has been going on for a while, so what Disney did to make it their own (besides using disney themed art and mickey) is make it so you can’t see what you get and you have the element of surprise and collection. I have a friend who was really into vinyls so I took an instant liking to them! I really like a lot of the designs, and i’m a true sucker for anything tradable, rare, collector, disney. Right up my alley!

        1. Nicole

          As an example look at the resemblance of this Kid Robot vinyl and the Vinylmations at Disney. Its like the only difference is the price tag!


  2. Ross

    I touched teh Zebra its rubbery LOL

    1. Andre

      Best comment ever!!! Made my day 😀

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