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Your guide to D-Tech “On Demand” custom made phone cases at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort

The D-tech “On Demand” locations at Walt Disney World have now become even more popular with the addition of custom made MagicBands but many guests may still wonder about the custom made phone cases they also have.

There are currently three D-tech locations: D-Street at Downtown Disney – Disneyland, Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs – Walt Disney World and Tomorrowland Space Mountain gift shop at Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World.


So D-tech “On Demand” is all about giving you the option to customize your phone case. You start by picking your specific phone model. Design are currently available for  iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6.



After you pick the specific case of your choice you then come to the fun part: picking the design you want. There is over 20 different Disney designs to choose from, everything from Disney princesses to Disney Attractions. You can also add your name to the case if you want to.

Custom cases are $36.95 each while personalized cases are $44.95 each.

Here are just some of the design options available.


















  1. Jay

    A cast member at the Disneyland one said he thought they may have Marvel ones soon, perhaps as soon as next week.

  2. So sick of the catering to mainly iPhone everything. All us Droid people are really upset that we can’t get hardly anything for our phones. You have like 3 droid cases, when there are tons. Not all if us love apple. .

    1. Stu

      Droid sux

      1. Rex

        And you overpay every year for garbage

  3. Jordan

    Update: D-Tech On Demand is now available at both Disneyland and WDW Launch Bay locations with exclusive Star Wars art! And also at SuperHero HQ with exclusive Marvel art! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    Don’t waste your money on these cases. My daughter purchased one in December 27 and by Mid-January, the case was falling apart. I didn’t expect it to last less than 30 days. Emailed the company, they never responded.

    1. Kevin

      We have had ours for almost a year and they are still in good shape

      1. Julie

        I think the cases are really made well and are good quality. I love mine and think it’s totally worth the price because you can customize them and get a design you love!

    2. Tina

      I’ve had three cases… each lasting a year and each looking like new. Only changes the case because I got a new phone each time

    3. Fred

      My daughter’s lasted about 1 month. mine is now falling apart after 3 months. I bought the new ones because the previous one I got back at the star wars weekend back in 2014/5 lasted two years until I replaced the phone. The old one was one piece case (glued after printing?) rather than the newer design with the detached back. The thin plastic layer that holds the back in place is breaking and detaching from the rubber.

  5. Greg

    Any chance they’ll have cases for the Galaxy Note phones? I have a Note 4 and would love one of these cases.

    1. Kikyago

      I would like to know who we can contact with our requests for galaxy note series covers and other android phone covers. It can’t be that expensive to have a case of blank phone covers for other styles on hand. Maybe if we all send in requests to the company supplying them or the right contact with d Tech purchasing, we can get results

  6. MaryShannon

    Do y’all currently have or plan on having “skins” available in the future?

  7. Julie

    I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about iphone 7 cases being made available. I wish D-Tech was available online! I can’t wait for another Disney trip to get my iphone 7 case made. 😉

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