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You can look fabulous, dahling, with this new “Incredibles 2” Edna Mode Tote Bag from shopDisney

Current Price: $24.95

Incredible. Super. Fabulous. All words that can be used to describe the fashion sense of the famed superhero fashion designer Edna Mode from Disney-Pixar’s latest smash hit, “Incredibles 2.”

Now, you can look incredible with this Edna Mode Tote Bag available on shopDisney.

The bag features a creative logo consisting of a silhouette of Edna’s iconic hair with “mode” across it, with the “o” and “d” being highlighted to create her glasses.

This faux-leather tote provides plenty of room and plenty of style, and is the perfect accessory for your next super outfit. Just remember: no capes!

You can order this Edna Mode Tote Bag from shopDisney by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button below!

Current Price: $24.95

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