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Unique Vintage unveils trendy new line of Disney apparel, ‘The Happiest Collection on Earth’

Current Price: $4 - $265

Looking for some new Disney apparel to wear on your next trip to the parks? Unique Vintage has everything your looking for with their new line, ‘The Happiest Collection on Earth.’

This trendy collection features all kinds of clothing and accessories based on Disney parks and characters. Now you can show off your Disney pride in style!

Some of our favorite items from this collection include:

Colorful shirts based on a few of our favorite Disney snacks…

…and attractions!

This elegant 1950’s style dress that displays fairytale castles…

…and this one that shows off a boardwalk design!

These flashy Mickey and Minnie flats

And these patriotic Mickey sandals!

And of course, no collection is complete without ears!

The entire collection includes nearly 150 different fantastic items that will allow you to show off your Disney side.

Click the ‘Purchase’ button below to check out the entire collection!

Current Price: $4 - $265

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