Thomas Kinkade Studios releases their first limited edition Alice in Wonderland artwork, 10% off all Disney gallery wrapped canvases

Current Price: $175.00–$6,460.00

Thomas Kinkade Studios has for many years now created wonderful Disney artwork and have found a home in many Disney fans houses. Now for the first time they are releasing artwork from the Disney classic movie Alice in Wonderland.

The Thomas Kinkade Studios painting of Alice in Wonderland captures all the great Disney characters. The hurried White Rabbit, the enigmatic Caterpillar, the lunatic Mad Hatter, the nonsensical Tweedledee and Tweedledum all play a part in the world down the hole. There is also Alice, viewing it all with a child’s innocence and relating to it in a way that brings out the wonderment in all of us.


Right now you can pre-order this wonderful artwork HERE and it will be shipped to you on March 23rd.


Thomas Kinkade has also been generous enough to give our readers here at Inside the Magic a wonderful coupon code of 10% off any of their Disney gallery wrapped canvas artwork. All you have to do is use the code: MAGIC10

Check out their selection of Disney gallery wrapped canvas artwork HERE


Current Price: $175.00–$6,460.00

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