Thomas Kinkade Studios releases new “Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Café” artwork

Current Price: $230-$1310

Thomas Kinkade Studios is kicking off 2017 with brand new artwork from their Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection called ‘Sweetheart Cafe’. This is the fourth piece from the Thomas Kinkade Studios Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection. The third artwork was released just before the holidays, the ‘Sweetheart Holiday’, which you can check out HERE.



In this gorgeous spring painting, Mickey Mouse presents Minnie Mouse with tokens of his affection – flowers, chocolates and a heart-shaped balloon. Romance is in the air as the pair enjoy an afternoon at their favorite sidewalk café. Dogwoods are in bloom, colorful flower boxes line the cobblestone lane, and love birds perch peacefully above the pair. Minnie Mouse glows with joy, deeply touched by Mickey Mouse’s gifts.

‘Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cafe’ is available in both canvas and paper version and in many different sizes. You can purchase your own piece of lovely Disney artwork right HERE

Anyone familiar with Thomas Kinkade Studios knows that each artwork features an incredible amount of details and hidden touches. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection is no different and below you can see just some of these examples.

  • Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Café features a tribute to Mickey’s Follies – the 1929 short in which Mickey first referred to Minnie as his girlfriend. Mickey sings, “got a sweetie…she’s my little Minnie Mouse”. On the far left side of the Thomas Kinkade Studios painting is a heart-shaped sign that says “Sweetie 1929”.


  • The chocolatier in this image is called “Clarabelle’s”, named after Clarabelle Cow – Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s friend


  • The small sign hanging next to the café shows silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


  • Donald and Daisy Duck can be seen kissing in one of the windows.



Current Price: $230-$1310

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