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Think you can outsmartphone your friends? Dial up the new “Game of Phones”

Current Price: $19.99

Smart phones, everyone has them now and they’re full of potential game winning points depending on what you have stored on them.

Game of Phones encourages, even requires, the use of smartphones during game play.  This brilliant and inventive game, relevant to today’s device dependent population, pits player’s smart phone content and skills against one another in an effort to be the first to win ten challenge cards.

This phone filled game urges participants (at least three) and their inseparable smart devices to complete challenges based on the items on or found with their mobile phone.

One player acts as a judge while the others have one minute to find the best match to the challenge card at hand.  The results are shown to the judge who decides which is best. The winner takes the card.  Judging rotates around the table from player to player each turn.  The first to collect ten challenge cards wins the game.

Challenges include sharing selfies, taking photos, and using emojis.

In today’s world, where most are glued to their small screens, this brilliant game embraces the habit, turning it into a fun phone experience.

Each edition comes with 100 challenge cards and instructions.  Smartphones are required but not included. Game of Phones is recommended for ages 12 and up and lasts about 15 minutes per game.

Current Price: $19.99

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