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Take a seat while waiting in theme park lines thanks to Sitpack compact travel chair

Current Price: $49.00 - $59.00

While theme parks are mostly fun and games, there’s often a lot of time spent waiting in line. With a handy Sitpack, it’s easy to sit and rest for a bit when needed.

Sitpack is a compact adjustable and foldable travel pocket chair. It weighs only 1.23 lbs., adjusts to any height, and fits easily into any backpack or tote bag. You’ll want to pack this for every theme park trip so you can always give your knees and back a much-needed rest before getting back to the fun.


Sitpack is available in three colors (Black Camo, Easy Blue, and Pitch Black) and ranges from $49.00 – $59.00.

To purchase, head over to Amazon.

Current Price: $49.00 - $59.00

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