Star Wars R2-D2 14 liter fridge from Think Geek

Current Price: $149.99

Living on Tatooine can be pretty difficult for a number of reasons, we’d imagine. One of which has to be the fact that is an absolute scorcher most of the time. With two suns, you don’t get much reprieve – and you thought YOUR Summer was hot? Even if R2 wasn’t as amazing as we know him to be today, we bet those wily Jawas would have repurposed into an amazing fridge. It’s pretty toasty out there, and we need to keep our food cool somehow.

The R2-D2 14 Liter Fridge comes equipped with two removable shelves and plenty of space to store all the womp rats you bullseye with your T-16. R2 can be powered by standard 120V or even a 12V DC power source so you can take him with you even when you need to make the jump to lightspeed in your car. Bonus points, this fridge can keep your food cold or warm until it is ready for consumption.

R2-D2 14 Liter Fridge





Current Price: $149.99

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