Star Wars mist machines from Think Geek

Current Price: $29.99

Fog machines are awesome. Billowing smoke, rolling in, making everything more dramatic? Trust us, we love a good, classic, ambiance. But, when the opportunity presents itself to let our geeky side mix with our festive spirit, we just can’t resist!

The Star Wars Misters come in Vader and Stormtrooper flavors. Let your neighbors know that the Empire is not to be trifled with and that they will crush the rebellion with one swift stroke. Please still give candy to all the lil’ Rey, Finn, and Poe kids you will likely see, though. They will be too cute to turn away, we assure you. Plus, perhaps your generosity will help persuade them to the Dark Side….

Star Wars Mist Machines




Current Price: $29.99

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